You made me to come out of my home
Telling me that I don’t belong here anymore
I lived here for ages
Now have to prove that on pages
I protest
I protest against your might
Your lies, suppression and suffocation
You barricaded my ways
When I was about to say, you shut the voice
When I came out, you fired on my eyes
And your screens showed the lies
I protest
I protest against your hypocrisy
Your deception, tyranny and regime
When I held the truth in my hand
Your destroyed my institute
You tore the books, you broke my bones
We were students, you made us hostages
I protest
I protest against you rule
Your hate, ideology and division
You can build the walls of separation
We too are born in this revolution
You can name us whatever you want
We will rise as your nightmares
Your can use your force, we are standing to see
You can shoot at our protests, we are standing to see
Times will turn and you will stand to see
On your knees you will surrender my rights
The world will see, till then
I protest

8 thoughts on “I Protest

  1. History tells that Delhi faced the bloodshed seven times, but every time it rejuvenated with new spirit. Those behind the bullets may not know what they are calling for themselves…may be another edition in the book of history..

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  2. Your words are heard from above. Just be mindful not to become like them with your anger seething under your skin. It takes a wise and kind mind to bring the change you want to see. Do not let others squash the heart of your soul with their abuse. Prayer IS a powerful tool. You are heard.


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