O, sleep!
come and fall in love with the eyes
the aching heart
don’t allow them to run away
in the dream

I am complaining to this night
why are you bringing back my valley before my eyes?
it is lacerating my existence within
when I listen the voices of that prison
where tortured souls lie
where the sons die
and where my home lies

O, sleep!
tell this night to spare me
tomorrow, I have to again struggle against the same memories
let me go to visit my dream
to collect the tears
from the valley of silence
deep in me

39 thoughts on “Sleepless #Kashmir

  1. OMG-I was about to cry. So heart touching. I wish I could do something for the people there. But yeah! I can pray for them.
    May Allah bring peace in the valley. ❀
    You write amazingly and wonderfully. πŸ’«
    Great and powerful words! πŸ”₯

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  3. Yes, it is more painful to feel. It is a story for others. they know better how much is painful who live in this pain. I stand in the middle. I am not sure if I am paying for his sins. People says many things but the man I love can not make the terrorists. Some says, I pays for his sins with my endless pain. I can just say, “I am so sorry behalf of him”. Almighty knows better than us. God bless all of you.

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  4. You are a beautiful soul. You need not to be sorry for anyone. I am really sorry who made you feel like this. The best thing about love is that it happens. Never listen to the people. The thing I know is that your are a great lady.

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