A broken house, a broken door
A broken man broken on his knees
A broken heart, a broken hope
Broken tears in the broken eyes
Broken stories with broken words

Kashmir! A beautiful broken word
Broken people and their broken voices
Broken dreams with broken wings
Broken songs with broken melody
Broken pans and broken window
Broken beats, broken hearts
Broken days, broken nights
Broken dawn, broken dusk
Broken voices, broken choices
Broken thoughts, broken feeling
Broken peace, broken paradise

Broken we stand, broken we are
Broken we stand, broken before our Lord
Broken inside with broken prayers
Broken we live in broken Kashmir

5 thoughts on “Broken…# Kashmir

  1. Broken to unite forever for not to break ever.
    Broken to unite forever to soar in the wind of freedom.
    Broken to connect with those who have balm for wounds marked on the heart…
    Broken to meet our lord to unite with HIM forever…

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