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  1. yes I love what you wrote…but I failed miserably at it yesterday. My adult son (he is 22) and I got into a heated argument that turned ugly. He said several things that just stopped me in my tracks. My response was reactive…not faithful. I was relying on me and my intellect, and my power as the mother who pays all the bills.
    I was not relying on God.
    Thank you for this post and this reminder

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  2. Please, don’t take it hard on you. What is bound to happen will happen. No one is perfect. Everyone commits mistake. The best part is that you have a son and he has a mother. There is no other things better than failures from which we learn. You are a great human being and a believer in God. May be these were the words that God put in my chest at that moment of time when you needed them.
    Thank you! And take care of your self as I am also of your son’s age. Tell him my greetings and best wishes. I will pray for you and your son.

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