I am dedicating this post to a beautiful and soulful person. Her name is Saba. She encouraged me and helped me like a family in these tough times since the lockdown of my valley Kashmir. I know, I can’t thank her in the full capacity which she deserves. I am immensely thankful and grateful of her


A soul very far in the sublime land
emanating aroma of musk with her name
elegant and delightful with her words
A courtesy to the broken soul
A flower standing to the lightenings and thunder
Without any fear, melting their pride with her kind stature
A person where you see depths of wonder
A soothing wind to the aching hearts
A sentence perfecting the jumbled letters
A silence of the night in a beautiful desert

Strong you grow, with your words
Your voice is like an unsheathed sword
Ripping through the dense ignorance
May God make a source of enlightenment

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