Dreams are burning
Left are my hopes, extinguishing the blaze
I see ashes through the window
Scattering with the blowing wind

Something is not letting the rays to touch my face
It is growing cold and frosty
My hands,
covering my face
To hide what eyes shed
Deep wells of despair inside
Have made me silent like a grave
But I will again sleep
with a hope of sun
I know and believe
it’s shining somewhere
I have faith, the rays will win
As I pray to God to eradicate my sin
Washing my eyes from the ugliness of the world
Filling the heart with the peace and tranquility

Soon the pans of window will glitter with rays
Soon the ashes will get buried in the soil
Raising the flowers which will extinguish the despair of the ages
Again the bees will buzz in the garden
And the paradise will return in our hearts
What I can’t see is the unseen
Then, let the tomorrow be beautiful
today I will live in that hope

24 thoughts on “Paradise will Return

  1. What is ‘unseen’ must be visualized with clarity, hope and an inner desire to see what you wish to see – without anger in your heart.

    When you see it in your mind’s eye ‘feel’ what it would feel like to be free from the tyranny of those currently in power in Kashmir.

    Then hold that vision and feeling and repeat the exact same vision, without change, every day until the day comes.

    Praying for all in Kashmir

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