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Justice has Died… #Kashmir

Paroxymal are the moments I live
Since my homeland is gruesomely caged
I weep alone in this foreign land
With no one around to hold my hand

I see people spurning the humanity
Walls of captilism has blinded their councious
They do know and they do ignore
They just want to fill their bellies with more
What goes around comes around
The world is a boomerang, don’t forget
The fire in our land will soon chase you
Today it is my home, tomorrow it may be yours
Our houses were meant for us to live
But never thought we will be caged in them
As the picture has become blur with the pain
I still wonder, does our blood have something for them to gain
The world lives and the siege continues
The world lives and the humanity dies
Before their eyes and they keep living with the lies
All I see and all I can say is that
Justice has died

Give my voice a chance by sharing it

20 thoughts on “Justice has Died… #Kashmir

  1. Only a believer can say this.
    The way you are moving towards your destiny will be written in history that Jadujahad will be done alone, no one comes ahead to become your voice but just plays the role of a spectator.

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  2. that is what we keep praying for
    that one everything will be fine
    no one will be humiliated
    no one will be killed
    no one will be blinded
    no mother will lose her son
    that is what we keep praying for

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