O, my mother!
I know, it has been a long time
since we talked to each other
I know, you would be restless
to inquire about my condition
I am fine, my mother
I keep remembering you
in my heart and prayers
I know what I mean for you
But don’t be upset over this separation
I have put my trust in Allah
And I know he will keep you safe
in the caged valley
My request to you is that
be grateful and thankful to Allah
that your son is still alive

O, my mother!
although it is very heavy for me to say
and for you to listen
There is another mother in our valley
who has lost her son
the piece of her heart
the light of her eyes
the happiness of her life
her everything
when I start feeling that pain
my heart screams inside me
that grave keeps haunting me
where her final kiss on his face resides
It almost makes me lost
lost in her unimaginable pain
And only hope and prayer that brings me to life
that Allah will return her son in the paradise

But my mother
I am fine
I just miss you

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