Saba Niaz siddique

Cover image of September edition Humdard Naunehal

Beauty is purity, it doesn’t require anything fake. Fake appearance is to deceive, but purity can never be a deception.

It comprises of innocence that lies in the heart of a child. Who doesn’t demand a plethora of luxuries but exultant having little things which appear valueless.

It emits from the heart that doesn’t have any grudge for any one. Like a child’s who fights but embrace the opponent wholeheartedly right after a short while.

It reflects from the face which doesn’t grimace when sees someone better. Such as a child who always welcomes and loves to play with new comers and shakes hands of strong friendship.

Beauty is purity. It is innocence. It is light that lit your heart towards humanity.

It’s not a pride it is pure blessing such as child is a blessing of God.

Fake pictures can never be…

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