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Saba Niaz siddique

What is slavery and what is called slavery both are different? Literary it is the absence of freedom. Yet freedom also has two aspects of understanding. Come to the main point, metaphorically slavery is a condition of your mind you create yourself in pity of yourself.

Having ample facilities for enjoying your life doesn’t make you feel free.

When obsessed with desires we put ourselves into the oblivion of captivity. Start whining for not having what others have in abundance.

How we trapped in the oblivion of desire?


It is really a desire or insatiable hunger of getting more?

When shunning off the divine teachings we become slaves of ourselves. We want to do what we are not allowed to. We want to taste the shame. We want to feel the rough edges of disgrace and love wearing the stigma of ignominy around the neck. When don’t get…

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