Saba Niaz siddique

If you need to understand love, then observe the life of a mother.

First she accepts a new beginning whole heartedly. Keeps that bud within her. Can’t do anything that could be deleterious for it. She shares her breath with the little beginning within her. She shares her peace with it. She shares her soul with it. She removes fear from her mind and let the valour get in.

She cannot feign but fain serve the little beginning.

She is a symbol of sacrifice.

She is a symbol of pure love who doesn’t do anything for herself but for the sake of you and me.

Never will anyone deserve what she is blessed with.

The way to my heaven is goes beneath her feet.

You are the most blessed,

There is no comparison of your love,

You are superior!

You are my heaven my Ammi*….

*Ammi – mother

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