I can’t complain to my eyes
they have the right
to stay awake in the memories
of the ones whom they have seen
all there life
I can understand
why they don’t want to sleep
How could they?
when my aching heart
longs for the one voice of my loved ones
I know my eyes keep wondering
that how it feels
when the eyes of my fellow people are blinded
So, how could they sleep
in this melancholy

I wonder
at this strange
relationship of heart and eyes
when one pain other shed tears
when one sees beauty other rejoices
But what could I say about mine
It has just taken away the sleep of my eyes
But I can’t complain
I can’t
How my people are living under seige
have seized me
my heart
my eyes
So, why should I complain my eyes?

7 thoughts on “I can’t complain…

  1. Salman~ You are very mature in your relationship with Allah. Here in the self pitying country of the United States of America, people go through experiences that are minuscule compared to what you have seen and are living through; yet, the complain and mourn like there is no hope.
    May Allah continue to strengthen you and speak words to the world through your voice.
    Your Friend,

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  2. Thank you kate!
    I know for sure, one day I have to die and there is nothing of this world I can take with me. I also know my deeds won’t be enough to stand in front of my Lord. So, I hope that only His mercy will succeed me and all of us. Although I have not been to many places and I belong from the place which is quite alien to a lot of people, but there are very great people out there who understand the importance of humanity, who care for it, fight for it. I am so grateful to you, that you understood me and my emotions and prayed for our well being. It is really a great honor for me as well to everyone where I belong.
    Thank you, kate
    May Allah guide you and bless you with every goodness in the world and hereafter.

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  3. The fact / opportunity for you to ask Allah to bless me touches my heart beyond words. While we are of some different beliefs…life is ever changing and one never knows where beliefs might lead me one day. I respect your love for Allah and the Qur’an and its teachings. I consider it an honor to hold you in prayer. Not to mean offense of any kind, but to pray to the ultimate being who sees and knows all. To that / who we come from and worship and obey. Thank you for all you post. I will continue to twitter them and fb book and reblog several as they come up. I believe the world need to be aware of what is happening to your country who at this point cannot get the word out themselves.
    Peace, my friend

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  4. I am so grateful, can’t even describe in words. I hope one day you will visit my valley and it would truly be an honour to host you as my guest. Thank you from the depth of my heart.
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    May God guide you to the true path and fill your life with all blessings


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