whole life passed by, in the mirror of outrage and oppression
through my valley flow, Jhelum and Chenab
But I saw only the rivers of blood streaming across
what condition are my people in, I don’t know
are they dying of starvation, I don’t know

you travelled the journey over our corpses
we travelled the journey in burying them
you enlightened your cities with lamps on the occasion of festivals
we had to live those moments also in unbearable silence
what address are you inquiring from these blind eyes?
when you have blinded the humanity to lacerate our bodies
what have you achieved by taking away our peace
relinquishing even the bond of humanity with us
In written stories we will always remember you as a muderer
you not only ripped apart the humans but also ripped our land

31 thoughts on “Rivers of Blood #Kashmir

  1. It’s so painful how they are living. It’s almost 42 day of curfew. The most coward arm personals of the world afraid of empty handed people of the valley.
    Your struggle is going towards the end. Where you will be given freedom and brutality will be buried deep.

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  2. Do not think your are alone. There are millions of people in India who will stand behind you. We want you as a citizen of this country. But we want this relation not to be created on the basis of a gun, but by heart. We oppose any kind of humanitarian coercion.

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