I Never Wished


I always wondered
what are these pictures that the people draw
what are these words that the people write
they seem so simple
an ink on the paper
never tried to perceive the meaning
but my struggle and the struggle of my land
also made me one of them
however I never wished to become

Today I see more than the ink
As if in them is an ocean of emotions
wishing to drown and sink in their sagacity

Now I understand
they have given a meaning to their struggle

21 thoughts on “I Never Wished

  1. Just come back from your blog I read your almost every(am sure lot more is remaining); your words are so appealing, they have and convey true feelings. Your writing style is wonderful and more like of an experienced writer. Would it be possible if you get your poetry published…
    God bless you!
    May Allah be with you whatever you do. Ameen

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