A poem written by a fellow Kashmiri friend and brother of mine. I came to know about him a month back, when the whole Kashmir was locked down and people outside Kashmir lost their contact with the families and relatives back at home. At that time, the news was being circulated on social media about a woman. She happened to be from Kashmir and was being treated at a hospital in Mumbai accompanied by her daughter. It was a very critical situation as they needed money because the father of that girl had left for Kashmir in order to arrange the money for the surgery. But the family lost the contact with the father and the situation became very uncertain for them. God has kept his servant everywhere to help the people, when they are in need. This guy stood up and started raising money for them and took the responsibility for their well-being. His name is Mohammad Yonous.
I am honoured to share his poem on my blog and it is my pleasure that he gave me such an opportunity.

There is a fire inside me,
Lit by the onslaughts of capitalism,
It grows wilder by the day,
Turning each flame into resistance ,
Bewildered by the blows of fascist regimes,
Driven by jealousy and religious jingoism,
In the name of democracy and national interest,
They lay a wreath to each block of liberty,
Fire which wants to go out and burn the corridors of power,
And enlighten the masses,
Enlighten them with power to decide and rise,
Enlighten them with freedom and dignity,
To stand up and fight,
And to take what is rightfully theirs,
Honor, dignity and Freedom.
Let the fire burn,
Let the resistance take over,
Let the flames of my soul,
Ignite the candle of peace and love,
Let my country be free again….

4 thoughts on “Fire Inside Me

  1. And moreover that, those lights enlightened our hearts….. you know what these instances make my soul to taste the real joy of human potential. A great man… I will be sharing one of his urdu poem… which I found one of the best piece that I have ever read.

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