I also wanted to become famous
But among whom?
the ones who do not even know you
they just follow a trend
the investors have invented
for the current season
I don’t want such fame
I don’t want to become even known
even to the single one of them

even if the truth is unrecognizable
I will follow it
Not those advertised lies on the screens
And I will become famous
if not in the world
but surely before my Lord

12 thoughts on “Famous

  1. Subhanallah! Allah(swt) writes in Holy Quran that with every difficulty there comes the ease. Inshallah that will come in Kashmir too. Allah(swt) aap sabhi ko imaan, sabr aur haq pe amal karne aur uspe qayam rehne ki taufeek ata farmaye. Ameen! 🤲🏻

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