We became the Believers

A voice can be suppressed
But it never dies
It is like water that finds its way
And when time comes
It breaks what comes ahead

Come and try with your might
You can boast for some days
But our voice will find a way
All your ego will turn into hay
You are no one to fill the crevices
You are no one to write the destiny
You are a spec in the history
That will remain as a dot
At the end of our revolution

My words may reach a few hearts
But above all they reach in me
I wonder how you will fights with them
Because your tyranny makes you unable

Your clampdown made us a dreamer
We became what we never had been
You handed over us death, we took it as life
You handed over us despair, we took it as hope
You handed over us fight, we became the fighters
You handed over us struggle, we became the believers

Long live Humanity
Long live Palestine
Long live Kashmir

Salman Wani

Let us be the voice of each other


Saba Niaz siddique

When words get stuck in a dark whole

When lips get zipped

When heart gets burdensome with the fog of ord

When stories get lost in their way

When echoes of unuttered tales shake you within

When your thoughts become recalcitrant

When everyone wants to hear the unheard

When emotions get their power to melt the iceberg

When You see the way which was concealed from your sight

When you need a shoulder to share the given responsibilities

It’s a time to become the voice of each other

Let us be the voice of each other

Let us be the support of each other

Let us be the power of each other

Let us be the strength of each other

So, no word may remain unuttered

No message may remain ungiven

No soul may remain unsolaced

No tear may remain on visage

No heart may remain broken

No one…

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How can we forget all these days
Living in the prison of paradise
Yes, the autumn is nearby
And the leaves are close to abscission
Soon they will cover the graves
And the leaves of chinar will blaze
But what is there to cover our hearts
What is there?

Long gone are those day
When season of autumn delighted our eyes
The setting sun made it to look like an ocean of fire
Which used to burn
The tiredness of day
And we used to say
Look, how much heavenly is this land
A paradise on earth
A dream which everyone die to see

But, how can we forget these days?
When we are caged in our homes
Razors and nails are spread on our ways
Cutting us through

Let the leaves fall
As they grew green the whole summer
with our red
Let the leaves fall
To make way for the winter
And the snow will cover the graves
Again, left will be a complain
“What is there to cover our hearts
What is there?”


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Saba Niaz siddique

What is slavery and what is called slavery both are different? Literary it is the absence of freedom. Yet freedom also has two aspects of understanding. Come to the main point, metaphorically slavery is a condition of your mind you create yourself in pity of yourself.

Having ample facilities for enjoying your life doesn’t make you feel free.

When obsessed with desires we put ourselves into the oblivion of captivity. Start whining for not having what others have in abundance.

How we trapped in the oblivion of desire?


It is really a desire or insatiable hunger of getting more?

When shunning off the divine teachings we become slaves of ourselves. We want to do what we are not allowed to. We want to taste the shame. We want to feel the rough edges of disgrace and love wearing the stigma of ignominy around the neck. When don’t get…

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Who Am I?

O, my soul! Who am I?
I walk with flesh, but who am I?
I see the mirror and there I am
but still I want to know, who am I?

when I do wrong, why I regret?
why I feel, that you are hurt inside
I want to know where you go?
when I sleep
I want to know where will you go?
when I will die

You make me feel the life in me
You make fall in love with the unseen
you make me dream beyond what I could see
But why don’t you make me see
who you are
Why don’t you tell me, who am I?


What is beauty??


Saba Niaz siddique

Cover image of September edition Humdard Naunehal

Beauty is purity, it doesn’t require anything fake. Fake appearance is to deceive, but purity can never be a deception.

It comprises of innocence that lies in the heart of a child. Who doesn’t demand a plethora of luxuries but exultant having little things which appear valueless.

It emits from the heart that doesn’t have any grudge for any one. Like a child’s who fights but embrace the opponent wholeheartedly right after a short while.

It reflects from the face which doesn’t grimace when sees someone better. Such as a child who always welcomes and loves to play with new comers and shakes hands of strong friendship.

Beauty is purity. It is innocence. It is light that lit your heart towards humanity.

It’s not a pride it is pure blessing such as child is a blessing of God.

Fake pictures can never be…

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