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Valley under Siege

thousand prayers from my heart
for the valley under siege
I will write the whole story on a page
and will keep reading till I remember
every word

how a daughter kept walking miles
to give his father the medicines

how a son just manage to reach the airport
only to know that his mother died during pilgrimage

how a mother kept crying
when they raided and took his son

how they made a father to wait
only to make him know
his son has been shifted to other jail

how our towns ran out of medicines
and the whole world was lied about it

how we remain caged behind
the very walls of our houses

Yes, this is our story
A million sufferings from the unspoken pain
In this story
there are thousands more embedded
had you ever imagined?
the part what world called paradise
would have only the stories of pain, tears, blood and sufferings
do visit my valley to know more
when the siege would end

15 thoughts on “Valley under Siege

  1. Hi I got text messages and missed phone call from my family. However, I was not able to talk with them. I hope ur family is doing great. Let me know if you need help to locate your family or friends.

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  2. Are your family in south or north or in Srinagar if you don’t mind? Mine is in Baramulla close to Tangmarg. But some of them are in city.

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