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Special blogger Award


This really is a special moment for me as someone special has awarded me with the special blogger Award. Her name is Saba which means a soft breeze.

I know that my words will be too less to thank her grand nature but I will try

A beautiful person

From a beautiful land

You are a soft breeze

Flowing with an infinite melody

Even the flowers are too rough

To hold you on their petals

You are the warmth of the hearts

You are the courage to the fallen

Kind, like a wave in water

Sound like a saint’s prayer

Sweet like a relation of friendship

Calm like a silence


Beautiful hearted like my valley

I hope my lines are acceptable…..

Award Rules:

Give a special thanks to the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the questions you have been asked.

Nominate other special bloggers.

Ask them 10 questions.

Question from Saba

1: Explain in your words how to tie a tie?

I really don’t know how to tie a tie. But if there is a tie in relationships then seek God’s help and take a step forward.

  1. What is justice?

Justice is a basis for a community to exist.

  1. Which is stronger, feeble truth or strong lie?

A lie can never withstand before the truth, no matter how much stronger it is going to be. Human nature has never accepted a lie and has always remained something unforgiven since our existence.

  1. What makes you feel special and why?

I am the creation of Allah, the lord of all worlds. Why I feel special because Allah has given me so many things which even I never asked for.

  1. Do you like kitchen gardening?

It is the most beautiful place next to my home. In Kashmir, almost every home is having a kitchen garden. What I see the most special in it is the dedication, hard work, love, and affection. I still remember when my late Grandma used to give a cucumber and that too out of sheer love and affection. I can only it is something which has really a special place in our Kashmiri culture and traditions and also in our hearts.

  1. Would you like to adopt the responsibility of a child/children?

They are very special and pure beings. I would love to do so. They make you be in the highest state of emotional and human nature.

  1. What is extremism?

Extremism is crossing the acceptable and legal barriers. It’s better to choose to be moderate.

  1. Have you remembered any dream that you liked the most?

I apologize, I can’t disclose that right now.

  1. The most precious gift of your life?

Everything I got and more than that the things which I would be able to give in the path of Allah.

  1. Have ever your imagination come true?

I always used to imagine when the exam is going to finish and how much I will free after that and that always came true. But then again next exam reached.


My nominees are

Abigail Johnston, A survivor, her life is a special story and she has a big heart.

Julpha Jean, Light of her life, she keeps remembering God every time.

Sadia Noor, A positivity, great motivation in her name.

Saba, A soft breeze, she is gifted with a beautiful trait of empathy.


Questions for my nominees are:

  1. Describe yourself in one line.
  2. What is your ambition in life?
  3. What is the definition of respect for you?
  4. What is the thing that makes you happy in tough times?
  5. What is the thing you keep searching for yourself?
  6. Define the relation of friendship.
  7. What family means to you?
  8. What do you expect from the world?
  9. What is your source of strength?
  10. What is the importance of education in our society?

Do visit the world of these amazing and special people. I have learned a lot from them. You will get what you have missed so far.

19 thoughts on “Special blogger Award

  1. Wow, wonderful answers Salman. I feel every words you’ve written. Anyway, thank you for nominating me and please give me one week to participate in this special blogger award. God Bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Salman, I can’t thank you enough as you managed your time and wrote this post. In sufferings of heart, you lived some moments differently.
    How can I thank you for such beautiful words? I have only prayers and blessings for you people.
    You give Tie a new meaning that I wouldn’t have thought. Your every response to each question speakes for


  3. When special people are with you … then the words themselves become special… You gave me a great opportunity to express myself…
    you are really a great soul… may Allah enrich your soul with beautiful deeds…Ameen

    Liked by 1 person

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