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We will Remember

we will remember

We will remember

the dead silence of our streets

the blood on our hands

the tears of a mother

And the forgetful world around us


We will remember

our sleepless nights

the pain and trauma

our caged homes

And the forgetful world around us


We will remember

the historical betrayal

the lies they tell

the insult they add

And the forgetful world around us


We will remember

the eyes they blinded

the lives they took

the fire they set

And the forgetful world around us


We will remember

till we are alive

How could we forget?

when every gravestone reads the same

“we will remember”





16 thoughts on “We will Remember

  1. Don’t have words, but want to say; we are with you the world open its eyes or not, it speaks up or not, it fights for you or not….. we don’t leave you, we have lost our love ones in bringing peace will do more for you until we have our last breath and last drop of blood….

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  2. You have been a source of strength for me and everytime when you respond with your words I feel my voice is alive and I am not alone…. but Its for the world out there who have put fingers in their ears and have turned their eyes for the cause of humanity and we will remember them like they deserve… but I will remember you and all those who have been our voice as a healing to our cuts…. you are really a great human being …. and your words mean a lot to me… really from the depth of my heart….

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  3. We’re watching news and it’s really despicable how the world even those who told themselves friends/brothers are being blind. This lethal hypocrisy is shameful. But it’s tought onething we have to fight our battle ourselves others are just spectators they watch slaughtered humanity, cash it for their own interests and close their eyes…

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  4. you are right… all they are doing are just bringing disgrace to them… but I know Allah is with us even if the whole world is going to turn away.
    And Allah had endowed you with beautiful trait of empathy.

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  5. We always stand with you until justice can be served. We always do whatever we can do for our people..
    Verily, with every hardship comes ease..


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