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Mother’s Curse in Kashmir

We will not let our voice die

even if they will cage us for lifetime

we will keep reciting the words of suffering

we will keep revising every story of brutality


They can raid our homes in nights

they can make a father stand

outside the jail to inquire about his son

But which weapon will they use

to break the struggle in us

we are not like the bird

which will die in the cage

In us remains the fight for justice

and the witness remain these desolated towns


keep rising in the sky of tyranny

that too by our blood as the fuel

yours is the next fall in the history

that we would read in our pages of revolution


our tears are out of our pain

your smirk is out your deceit

you decorated our land with the graves

we decorated those martyrs in our hearts


what you owe to those mothers in Kashmir,

do you know?

their sons

and you are now the victims of their curses

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