20190807_011003.jpgThese are tough days

Every moment is like a nail

Every second like a hammer

My hands so helpless

Left only to hold my head

I just want to listen to their one voice

One voice from my valley

I just want to see one face

to feel that I am not alone

I don’t know why my eyes are shedding tears

I know I should be hopeful

But can’t help my emotions

The graves back there are in my dreams

They are speaking more than the living

All screams have been muted

All air has been weaponized

True, humans existed

But never humanity

Today it is Kashmir

Red its synonym

Tomorrow it could be you

So don’t be a dead in this silence

9 thoughts on “7# Kashmir (pain and silence)

  1. I know and all thanks to Allah swt,
    but you know… its very tough. Everything seems tasteless. moreover helflessness is covering senses because you know you fellow people have been caged and literally you can’t do anything. All this makes your eyes wet.
    these are not just words that I am writing, these are actually the voices buzzing in me, my pain, my agony and my struggle.
    but I am so grateful of you…some days before you awarded me a special blogger award… I was able to thank you…sorry for that… but really… I am very thankful and grateful to you…
    May Allah bless you with peace and happiness… really from the depth of my heart

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  2. We’re following news and there is curfew, brutal arm personal almost at every gate…they weren’t allowed to perform Jumma Salah. But when curfew got removed for a while they came out and raised their voices against atrocities and utter brutality..
    We can’t even imagine your pain as you do, but we’re not sleeping we are just trying to solve this matter as better as we could.
    My aim was to get some eyes moved at your site so they may know what’s going on.
    You needn’t say sorry or anything like that, am just doing what I can…

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