Greetings of Eid to my family

and to all imprisoned Kashmiris

From the depth of my heart

Not can I listen to you

nor can you to me

these tyrants have made it historical

by building the massive walls of separation

I know, our hearts are ripping apart

but faith in Allah has kept our beats to continue

those snowy slopes of beautiful mountains

have become my dream

when would I walk there and

yell my name

the prison is going to break

and freedom is what we all will see

the day when my eyes will fill with joyful tears

embracing all my brothers and whispering

to their ears the news of freedom

but right now from the heavy heart

All I want to say

Eid Mubarak! O valley of martyrs

Eid Mubarak Kashmir


Share it for the sake of my Kashmir

11 thoughts on “5# KASHMIR (EID MUBARAK)

  1. No words.
    We can’t imagine a condition you are facing. Don’t know you will be allowed to perform Eid Salah and slaughter animals or not. Allah is with you, He is the best of all.
    Curfew, shutter down, brutality, bloodshed, cries…
    Hats off to you people, I have no words that can appease your burning valley, but have prayers and hope that a day will come when there is only happiness and liberty. Inshaallaha!

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