Voice Of Pain

who would understand our pain?

The deadly silence is crucifying the heart

I stand in prayers, my eyes get wet

my every sense is deep lost in an extreme shock

seeing faces around to whom I can’t express

has let my eyes down, to walk where I don’t belong

when it gets dark, the face of graves open

I stand looking with blood flowing

screams and separations all around

with some existing and some who existed

my sleep has evaporated from my eyes

my dream remain hollow and void

I know who I am

but unaware of who I am going to be

as I write I can’t stop crying in pain

just thinking do I have anything left

the smirk of the world around

has filled the air with devilish feel

O tyrants you will surely burn in hell

with all your might, and will yell

I will weep my tears, as I have faith

The winds of promise will shroud us soon

But our pain is the final nail

in your coffin

9 thoughts on “Voice Of Pain

  1. I don’t have words. Don’t know what to say. But will do what is possible. Standing with you. We are with you. You people are not alone, tyrants know our strength they just have called their end to come.
    We are with you, keep moving!

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  2. Yeah! You’re right you can’t tell. I have saw news, I was shocked to see all that Indian Government is doing with you.
    May Allah help you, My prayers are always with you people.


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