Valley under Siege

thousand prayers from my heart
for the valley under siege
I will write the whole story on a page
and will keep reading till I remember
every word

how a daughter kept walking miles
to give his father the medicines

how a son just manage to reach the airport
only to know that his mother died during pilgrimage

how a mother kept crying
when they raided and took her son

how they made a father to wait
only to make him know
his son has been shifted to other jail

how our towns ran out of medicines
and the whole world was lied about it

how we remain caged behind
the very walls of our houses

Yes, this is our story
A million sufferings from the unspoken pain
In this story
there are thousands more embedded
had you ever imagined?
the part what world called paradise
would have only the stories of pain, tears, blood and sufferings
do visit my valley to know more
when the siege would end

Introduction to Struggle

Struggle craves out a different being out of you

Inducing propensity to see the people with their real hue

Ends the sunny days and moonlight nights

Sieving you in the darkness to search one ray of light

Struggle chisels a new art out of your veins

Burns your desires in the fire without flames

Shaping a destiny in the chapters ahead

Chasing out of you the things you dread

Fosters the vision to see the depth of soul

To measure the weight of the character

Gifting an insight to discover in you the loophole

Showing who you are in you like a mirror

Enough is You

I might not have words
when I am about to say
But I do have
when I feel
I might remain silent
when you are among the people
But when they will leave you alone
I will speak
At the time you will need

There are many who will say good bye
But I will say
I will be there standing for you
I might not have beautiful gifts
to make you feel special
But I have a heart
to say
prayers for you
they might praise for what you got
I might not say anything
because for me
enough is you

Watering with Love

Amused you become by the dry winds

giving momentary delight and then leave

they were never here to bring anything forth

only you swayed to seek pleasure, not happiness

real are those that bring rain with them

that penetrate the barren land to grow life

to put a smile and peace in the farmer’s heart

like the ray of light that glitters the morning dew

similar are the seasonal faces , they appear and vanish

like the soap bubble that keep floating far from you

why you keep chasing them , I wonder

there are those that remain unchanged with the seasons

they are like the trees in your garden

providing shade and beautifying your surroundings

Source of hidden peace and satisfaction

why you keep axing them, I wonder

better to keep watering them from the love of your heart

unlike seasonal ones, they are never to leave you

Passion to struggle #Kashmir


Our rising will be like a wall
our bodies as its bricks
But will not let you take an inch
To all those brokers out there
our graveyards are not for sale

Our land will emerge like never before
As it has absorbed the tears of the mothers
and the blood of martyrs
It has been irrigated by infinite prayers
like the rain falling from the sky

Death is the final destiny of life
But to live with honour is a choice
the smoke from the fire you have set
can burn our lungs and blind us
but will fuel our passion to struggle