13th July…. Martyr’s Day

13th July, Martyr’s Day

O flower! with roots in the grave
Convey my greeting to that martyr
Buried in that piece of land
How lucky you are
O thing! with eye-catching petals
To be close to his blood

A sign of our revolution
Source of the salvation
I still call this valley a paradise
Not for the reason, she is beautiful
But due to the blood of martyrs in her soil

When your bodies fell to their bullets
Millions stood in your funerals for your souls
With a voice of freedom in their hearts
with a song of crying depart
Sky stood the witness
Drizzling to pay homage
This day alone is not yours
Every moment of our lives and to come
Is for your tribute
Let these moments, for now, remain mute
To recall the freedom in our hearts
those tyrants can occupy for a while
but the musk of your blood will wipe them out
they earned the curse of million hearts
you earned eternity and legacy
eulogy of praise and prayers
you are the beats of our hearts
that will live till we die

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