I waited
for some time
scambling the words in the brain
but always came short
a fort built around the heart
was not letting me go
to travel beyond the walls of the world
felt only what I saw in the cage
writing their lines on the page
freedom was a lie
mouths were speaking big and hands were folded
lies were creatively molded
fixing into ongoing series of brands
ones who withstood got canned
the majority were living in the dreamland
crunched and limited
becoming the new lifestyle
they wore gorgeously but remained faceless
lips were buzzing like the mosquitoes
what else could have happened
when hearts were stranded
face never depicted the person he was
glowing outside but tanned inside

so were my words
reading beautiful but felt little
like the world around
attractive but ugly


We keep telling for the time to come
forgetting the oblivious nature of life
dreams we see and scenes we imagine
at the end of the day is just our fantasy
Do we really know what will happen?
In the coming bloom and gloom
just hidden is beauty in the contrast
between the day and the days to come
Have you not ever been amazed and surprised
at your existence?
At the graves and new ones in the wombs
We are also gradually inclining to the soil

You plan and HE plans
and HE is the best of planners
can’t escape the destiny
yours is only the choice
to make
or to break
the life after this life
earth will never settle
nor her folks
they only rest till death
but remaining forgetful during their days
ignorant of the fact
nothing you take while you leave
and the world forgets you soon
wealth only changes hands
power only the shoulders
but making blind of the truth
they never remain permanent
humans should know
they are not the rulers of the world
nor is their pride bigger than the heavens
if they could only realize from where they come
two impure drops
this is their existence
You still don’t know the absolute
unseen could be more prominent than what is seen
so live in a state of submission


human value has gone too low
these bright boxes have surpassed even our greetings
interactions and meeting are no more than a regret
everyone walking like a deaf
with drums in ears
Is there anyone to hear?
your and my soulful voices
the sight has remained only restricted for a meter
how pity it is
we with eyes but have nothing to see
we have disrespected our souls
and emotions embedded in them
how could we ignore the creation of God
for just an invented piece of box
human is not only here to be known by his name
he is the best of creations

reality has become an animation
unrecognizable are we for us
wasting time, health and wealth
on these colorful screens
where every emotion is being sold for a price
and we buy them to ruin lives
humans have sold humans
and we keep laughing at this foolishness
love and respect have been replaced by
viral and trending

stop for a while
stop for a moment
to know who are u
only a profile or the best of creation
Are you someone on insta or facebook
or are you in someone’s heart
or you will remain only a name

please share……



Let your eyes remain wet
With a surface of tears

Don’t let the smirk deceive you face
separating the honest beats of the heart

be there with the voice of consciousness
or you will fell for the devil

save your sight from the evil
know, it may appear in attractive colors

truth is the word of Lord
don’t waste yourself in lies

hold unto Him
He would never let you go

regret for your wrongs
realize and grow in life

care for the hearts
don’t let them shatter

have patience and will
have trust only unto Him

be thankful and grateful
be no other being than Human



Span of Love

the span of love between our wait
so let this be another beautiful day
searching you in the moments
beyond time and space

Being lost makes me reach you
and your eyes reflect a world within
I just want to stand
and see your hidden face
behind that mysterious veil
every beat resonates me
and your beat plays the string
inducing the melody of secrecy
in me deep and of cosmic proportions
static and forgetful I remain
discovering an ocean of emotions
tides hitting me in the moonlight
delivering me to shore in the morning
scorching sun opening my eyes
to see the desert left for me
desert with roses
showing me the new direction

this span is mysterious
so is it the span of love