Shooting all the birds except one in the sky
Even that too will forget to fly
Sun will be lost in its eyes
Wings remaining a blanket
Saving it from the frosty winter
Dust of ground it’s home
Crawling of others there seems sinister
All the freedom in the heavens
Collapsing in nearby soil grains
Stars now too far
The world now a place with few things around
Sadness prevailing in its hearts
No will to see the horizons
Discouragement reflecting in its eyes
Discontent in the heart
Separation unbearable
From the ones whom it used to fly with
It also has a story to tell
After surviving
She flew miles in the sky
To find one of kind
Somewhere somehow
Searched every forest
Scaled every mountain
Only death prevailed
Where ever it passed by
Blood ridden feathers
Destroyed nests
Hanging on the branches
It gave up her flight
Fell to the ground
And survived till now
Because the killers finding it in the sky
Had been unknown of its address
Which is now the dirt of the earth
But they killed it without shooting
What it remains
Is a surviving dead

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