Headlines read every day
Many were killed yesterday
Is this a newspaper that we read
Or an account of counting dead
I wonder have we fallen that much in our greed
That only thing left is for graves to spread
Tyranny veiling justice and bodies left to bleed
But still, we have retained the title of being
Human being
Forgotten is the true human potential
Only money in our life has become essential
Truth is being sold at high prices of lies
Deaf are ears to listen to the cries
Does it matter now, who lives and who dies?
The majority is used to close their eyes
Screens are used to sell the propaganda
Anyone who challenges goes against their agenda
Zombies watch and swallow this dirt
Sleep with their bellies filled and blurt
Criminals hiding behind charismatic appearances
And the media kept for advertising their suits
Who wears what? Earns them more ounces
And the camera captures new and polished boots, ignoring loots

Wow! What drama is running all over the world
And we are watching their fake acting

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