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Our love was a road
And the distance between us was like a rope
Sometimes I was ahead and you were behind
Sometimes you were ahead and I was behind
A crossroad departed our ways at evening
And the same one joined our ways back in the morning
I just walked in your search although you were there
You as well walked in mine although I was there
The silence on the lips was not your wish nor mine
Being habitual to this silence was fine
But even our eyes remain hidden from us
Still, it was beautiful beyond what there was
The warmth of that feeling still wraps me in my aloof
Wonderful were those days and the seasons we witnessed together
From melodious summer to the white winter
How could we forget being like that
No words between us
And no words to describe that
Our appearances remain veiled
But unveiled our emotions behind its curtains

Come back someday
To walk on the same road
To relive those moments
Removing rust from our hearts
For to name that love again

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