That window of that beautiful broken room
By which you used to stand swinging its one part
To see my reflection through its pans
I knew not then, what it was
But I know now that it was something undefined

So let it remain like that
Undefined and beautiful beyond the walls of our hearts
Let those around there fade away
So for me to be there again
And for you again to see me through the pans of that window
Neither you would be bearing to see my face
Nor I would be bearing to see yours
The wall of that room might be hiding
You to me
And me to you
But its of no avail to our hearts

Let that shyness remain in its true essence
Like a pearls in its shell
Let the waves emerging inside
Keep strolling nearby
Touching it with sheer unawareness
To give depth to its undefined nature

That window may be still there
Remembering you and me
Waiting to see us again
Undefined and unaddressed
Recalling the beautiful shyness hidden in those walls
Asking them who they were?
Where they went?
The walls would be replying with a soulful answer
“They may be far
But their story still lies on your pans
And one day they may come searing
For that something , what was undefined between them”



After a long-standing silence between
Our compulsion of voiceless lips
Your first words broke the gloom
Like the piercing rays of the sun
And the words inside me
Kept deep in the well of silence
Listened to the sound of the dropping bucket
And could not help themselves to stay back
Instead came out to evaporate in your rays

And what is this beautiful between us?
I tell you to say something more
And you say to me, “there is nothing here”
I then tell you that, “It’s ok”
And you tell me back, “Just let it go”

I will surely wait
And you will see
I will surely be there
And you will see

I will steal the breeze of your valley
And will place on your lips
For you to tell me some beautiful stories
…………. beautiful stories of you and me…