I will be again someone far away
From your sight and heart inside you
That’s how you have accepted me to be
A shadow which only exists
When light from your forgotten beats
For me enlighten my dying memories in you
Then again it fades away
As if it is again like someone far away
When I will come back to the town
I will keep hiding my face
Even from the glasses of the windows
For you not to see
But would it matter then?
Because you would have already forgotten me
Like someone far away
I will take my shadow back with me
To listen to its epic tales of separation
Maybe then I will understand the reasons
Of these forgetful stories
Now, I alone write these words and read them
Because my heart is very heavy, carrying these unknown feelings
So I keep scattering them among these lines
And my shadow cover them to give them meaning
But I remain the same for you
Someone far away

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