I am writing and then erasing
The emotions are hell-bent to leave with the ink
But when I see them written, I again scratch them off
As people will see them just as words
But who is there to understand their meaning?
Crumbled papers have surrounded me all around
In their silence lie my engraved sprinkles of emotions
I leave my chair and put the blanket over my head
Pretending to myself that I am sleeping
But, I am again lost in my emotions
This restlessness has a voice, that is striking the walls
And when I remove the blanket from my head
I see words written everywhere, reflecting my emotions in them
I get up and rub them with my palms to erase them all
But only the white paint adhere between the lines of my hand
I imagine myself burning all the pages around me
But what is in them?
When it is deeply embedded in my heart
My reticent feelings are silently screaming
In my restless sleep, they keep violently dreaming
Searching in me my words
To free them from my fingertips
But my ink of restlessness kept inside me
Again scratches them off
I again out of my pain strike off all the words
Crumble the paper and throw it where it belongs
In a silent heap of silent emotions

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