Get washed away
With tides striding over the shores
What remains
Is just the forgetful grains of sand
And in us remains
The music of those faceless tides

Touching the sole of the feet
Stealing the sand where they rest
My heart almost
leans toward the departing tide
Which drowns back in that massive ocean
My sight gets consumed in her unending stretch
And a kind of wonder
Telling me
What it would be like to travel through
In a hope to find the other end
Similar to the ocean of love
For to travel through
With the same hope
To find the other end
But the footsteps on her shore
Get never washed away
They remain there
Waiting for us
To walk over them again



After a long tiring day, lost and broken
Wishing for every moment during all the time
When would I go back and sleep?
To forget what happened yesterday

But when I lied down
My head touching the pillow
And eyes were about to quench their wild thirst
My loneliness took my sleep away from me

I screamed out loud but with no sound
My pillow cover was tasting the saltiness
Of my painful tears
Drenched they become until the back of my head became wet
To shatter the dreams
Which I was seeing with my burning eyes

That day even my tongue was too afraid to utter to me
It’s ok, nothing to worry about
Because it knew this pain is unacceptable to my heart



You were not there before you were born
You will not be there after your death
You are just in between them
Forgetful of both of them

Every moment to come, project flash in our mind
We gravely pretend  to ourselves, surely to be there living
Being in a state of extreme certainty, forgetting the truth of uncertainty
Not our fault, we have lived that way all along

Who? Why? Where? Are always there hidden questions
Which we ask ourselves when the world around switch off her lights
When she again shines, we forget even our existence
Why should we blame her? When we ourselves are forgetful of us

Graves in graveyards are like words in a letter
Reading to us the same
When we came
We were like you
When you will leave
You will be like us
In between
Are you and your forgetfulness



I now want to give up with my words
For me it has become a stalemate
Because at the end rest prevailed in you
And I am left with restlessness

The snow which is falling there with deep calmness
Covering and soothing your all mishaps

How beautiful it would be outside?
When you will be seeing from the window
The whitness would be blushing in your eyes
And a layer of deep satisfaction would be surrounding you
Your arms taking you in
And heartbeats resonating the silence in you

And here I stand burning in the heat
Scorching sunrays disclosing the scars again
The pain engulfing me like the sea eating the drowning ship
Leaving me in fumes
I deliberately crush the fallen leaves for not listen my heartbeats
The silence is screaming in me
Crying and wailing
My eyes blazing to burn down the content
Within my skin deep

And I am left in a state of madness

The surrounding blanket would be giving you a charming warmth
It’s cozy feeling would be helping with your sleep
With beautiful dreams to come
With a beautiful hope to wake up with

And here I lie sleepless with my eyes open
Tired out of these emotions
Which I am carrying in me all day long

If you wished this to happen
With me
I gotta say you congrats
You got what you wished for



I guess you have left too far
Leaving behind a coffin of my memories
Which were soaked in your blood for a long period
For me to take it to the graveyard
And entomb it beneath the ground

But I will keep your memories alive in me
Because I want to live with them
My tears will keep moisture preserved in them
For their roots to sprout deeper in my feelings

Whether it will be an autumn or spring
Winter or summer
I will keep writing the songs inspired by them
To gift them to the nightingale
For it to sing at the time of every dusk
To keep you alive in me

For those left in the grave
I will keep an epitaph standing
With some words engraved on it
Waiting for the day to come
When you will pass nearby 
So that you will come to know what is buried inside
May it happen at the time of dusk
For you to listen to the songs of that nightingale
Sitting nearby on a branch of my garden
And you will come to know
How I kept your memories alive in me
And how you left my memories dead in you
Buried inside the grave beside you



I will be again someone far away
From your sight and heart inside you
That’s how you have accepted me to be
A shadow which only exists
When light from your forgotten beats
For me enlighten my dying memories in you
Then again it fades away
As if it is again like someone far away
When I will come back to the town
I will keep hiding my face
Even from the glasses of the windows
For you not to see
But would it matter then?
Because you would have already forgotten me
Like someone far away
I will take my shadow back with me
To listen to its epic tales of separation
Maybe then I will understand the reasons
Of these forgetful stories
Now, I alone write these words and read them
Because my heart is very heavy, carrying these unknown feelings
So I keep scattering them among these lines
And my shadow cover them to give them meaning
But I remain the same for you
Someone far away