I am walking with the broken feelings in my heart
Again, unaddressed not knowing from where to start
Left lost in the mirror in front of me
Like a broken ship in middle of a sea

Something is again seeping deep in my skin

Overtaking me and melting my patience
These flowing tears have a strange cry
A wait for the someone in the lost wilderness
Flames surround me when I look into the water
When I turn around to see, they disappear

Deep lost in the stories of mine
Like the lost sunshine among the forests of pine
Lying scattered like the sand on a shore
Submitting to the tides to take me along
To save me from the feet that will take me back to the world
For they will leave me again unaddressed

These lifeless legs are walking with a heavy heart
It seems that in the next step I will fall
But I know there is no one to take me up except God
As He healed me before when I was broken
So I will keep walking with the same hope again in my heart

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