20190130_230837NAILS OF MEMORIES

Memories are coming home again
To strike the nails to cease me on a spot
With my hands against the wall
To ask myself again the same
Who I am and who you are?

The winds blowing inside me
Turn into storm when they bring them back
My eyes starts lighting and beats become thunders
Even though I stand still, but running miles inside me

They tie me back with the helplessness
I am seeing the wall
But with reflections of them
I want to pull these nails out of me
Which these memories have left drenched in my blood

They are taking my sleep away from me
To keep it on a clock with my eyes fixed on it
I want to drup all its needles
But when I go near it ceases to exist

You can’t see what I see
Drowing somewhere deep
Of immeasurable fathom
And the light is fading away
As I am going to my memories

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