When I would reach the street you once lived in
Out of your respect, shyness used to hide my heart
I would start to remember the golden piece of advices, you gave me all along
Leisurely my soul would rest, as I knew soon I would see you

When I would open the door of that beautiful room
And my lips saying a greeting of peace resonating from my heart
You would reply with a smile that used to heal all my wounds
You would always get up to hug me, even in the last days of your struggle with life

That room was the best place for me in the world
As there was strange auora of happiness ingrained in its walls
Adorned by your utmost simplicity and great conduct
Your sincerity, truthfulness and faith for GOD, above all

Then those beautiful stories that you used to tell
Always had great lessons for life
I was in love for your love for GOD
And always wondered how HE had put in you a beautiful soul

When you used to recite the poems of the great poet of the east
Each and every line inspired me within like the opening of bud due to sunlight
I wanted to be with you, to learn more and more of life
As now there is a great void in my life after you have left

I stood for some moment at your grave
Looking at the reality of this life
But how you lived your one was itself an example of revolution
I dearly miss you today, but we all are helpless before HIS decisions

All those moments, again and again, bring tears back to my eyes
Because it is hard for my heart to accept that you have left for heavenly abode
May ALLAH forgive you and admit you in Jannah

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