You just came to take yourself farther away
Taking again a piece of mine to burry in a grave
Leaving a restless heart to suffer from a sense of brutal separation

Was my part of love so poisonous?
Which you are returning me back like snake bites
Wished may be I had never been your unlucky part
But unfortunately, I was
For that would make me ashamed and embarrassed all life long
All those songs that I wrote
Are haunting me in my empty thoughts
You only loved me in my presence
And cursed me all along in my absence
Evident is that from your words
Reading me a drunk and a basket of desires
What else more could be a downgraded identity for me
My resistance has been abused, undermined my care and prayers for you
For you told that I left you to burn
But I am left in ashes even before burning
I hope my patience will gather me again
Will make me stand again in the rows
To prostrate again and again to GOD
To collect my heart and heal my soul
Come and put a dagger in my heart
Take its blood and then go away
So when you would come again, there would be nothing left for you to take
I will stick your poem on the wall
To remind myself where I am and where you are?
To remind me of your last wish
Which was ” GO AWAY”

Words to this protest will not end
I will keep writing amongst your separation

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