In you, I am just remains of a memory
Who knows what will be there after a century?
Soon my face will fade away in your eyes
And I will remain as if I was also the one among your lies

May be the day when you would walk again on the same way
Where our feet have left invisible marks
My songs would appear again in your ears
But my faded face would be too hard to remember
I would wish for the winds to blow that day
To take that song from your ears far away 

Blurred remains of me in you should now die
For you to take a deep down sigh
Which is locked in you with nails of my memories

As my feelings for you are your enemies 
Relieve my faint spots from your heart
So for you to make a great new start
A start with me no where near you

Even the unknown faces never seen by you
Try to keep me in them, the last one in the queue
Where your eyes would never reach my face
And your sight would become tired to chase

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