I want to grow a tree of silence in my heart
So for you to come and sit in its shade
The words will disappear from you in its branches
And will fall like leaves in the season of autumn
I will not let you wait till then
I will put the ones from my hearts in yours
Standing empty and leaving me in you
I will go away with silence in me
Roaming, the whole summer
Waiting for the autumn to come
To come back to see secretly
Your face and what it reads?
Either it will be blank
As if the tree of silence have snatched what I left in you
Or there will be tears with a touching smile
As if you kept my words in a precious manner in you
When you will see me coming back
Either there will an unknown face before you that left you in the previous season
Or there will the one whom you know from the depths of your heart
I will collect all the leaves in the basket to give you back
Your words
And you will either take something out of your heart
And will give me myself back
Or I myself will have to collect me
As fallen leaves of the tree of silence

Let’s see when you will come?
To make all this happen
Till then I will keep watering the tree
The tree of silence

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