You do not burn me even though I am burning

Why would you then come to pour water on me?

As you have left me with a familiar struggle

That once I left you with


Is it possible?

Not knowing the face, you know the person

Or is it the heart which keeps telling me

I know the one who you don’t know


Deep wells are not for deep thoughts only

I also leave my memories in them

So, when I get empty

I draw out water from it to quench my thirst


Love was never a field for me

For to sow or to reap

But a priceless sacrifice

For which I prepared my heart


My lips are now silent to speak the words of love

As the emotion have sunken deep in my heart

Hold that rope tight for I am going to dive

To pull it back from the deepest place of my heart


The ship never sails without the sea

Nor the birds fly without the sky

No one here in this world is self-sufficient

How can the heart survive without love?






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