Blind ones with their eyes praise what is deplorable
Lies have gripped their soul like a snake coiling its prey
Beauty is just what they see superficially
For ugliness is deceiving them with beautiful clothes
Exhilarating at the vile events of the world
They need not die for their heart is already dead
Forgetful are they of this life and also of death to come
Their blind pride is leading them to a blind end
An end where the veil is drawn over the eyes and hearts are sealed
A grave existence inherits them full of forgetfulness
Like animals wandering in some wastelands
And even sometimes fall downgraded than them
Lost consciousness snatches the purpose of life
Makes just a body to walk like a dead body
Filled with nasty desires, depicting the utmost nefariousness

O Lord, fill this heart with your light
Save us from the darkness of this world

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