Switch of the lights, come and sit
I will give you the key to the door of me
Beware to keep a sign when you enter
Later, don’t regret your choice

Enter and see the sun, different from that of world
Measuring its course in the sky
But from west to east
You may be seeing those beautiful flowers
Their roots lie in earth, underneath which are hidden tears
Please don’t touch them, they are blind
Blind of the light falling on them
What an irony? They themselves are unaware of their beauty
Forests with no leaves, with roots embedded in my soul
The surface of which is covered with these fallen leaves
Lost green along with tenderness
Waiting to get fractured along the veins so to release their pain
Do you see a man, in deep sorrow collecting them in the basket
Having a sad story in his heart of a bird
Which deserted a long time ago
Sit with him to give some hope
As he was once like you who entered through the door
Every forest has the same story
After every summer winter will come
And after every winter summer will come
But here only hope is the source of summer
If you have it, you will God willingly make through
Go and find the spring of love
Flowing somewhere deep in an aloof desert
It’s the journey of patience and tolerance
As every storm will come to blow you away
The sun will come near to burn your courage
The cold nights to put fear in your heart
But the moment you would understand the beauty of stars
The fire inside you will cool down and will ignite the sky over my soul
The dull stars will glitter to reflect the light
Sending to the earth for piercing it at the place
Where the hidden spring of love flows

O! Greeting to you, you have found
The hidden keys to my hidden lock
I now will open my eyes to let you go
For you have given my heart what it wants
The love from the depth of your heart
Your inspiration of hope that you left
Is bringing that bird back to the forest
Now, it will sing the song of summer
To return the greenness back to the forest

Switch on the light, to see your reward
A smile on my lips whose roots are in my heart
And a prayer of happiness and peace for you
Love indeed is the rain, which showers from the beautiful souls
Love for the sake of God is unmatchable

So a key to open every closed heart

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