This year is again going to end with a quiet winter in our land
Only left us wondering what remains in our hand
It displayed every season with their different colors
But our eyes saw only one among them
Color of blood as if spilled all over the valley floor
Our happiness is buried with them, and left us glum
The cities out there will be decorated, but nothing here to adore
Their hearts may be delighted, our are sore
We now again are filling reservoirs with blood
As new year is about to come
Leaving the living ones here again lifeless
For no one knows what is their for them over the heavens
I see mountains feeling regret in them
As how much tyranny and injustice they can hide
I see the lakes cursing on their existence
When they sees the patches of blood frozen in their frozen water
Deep is the pain, deep is the sorrow
When winds of death are roaming around
We now feel nothing new in the new year
But just keep revisiting the graves and scars
As everyone here has been the victim of generational wars

“Kya muhabbat ki dastan sunaegii wo bul bul
Jab uske saamne ujdaa hua chaman ho”

“What tales of love would tell that persian nightingale
When devatated flower garden is in front of her”

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