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Dead speak to no one, nor it’s grave
But when I go to visit the graveyard
My heart listens a lot of words
But has no voice to reply back, rather to accept
Human in his nature is very forgetful
Forgets even the favours from his Lord
Now, there are no lessons from living ones
Who are lost in finding the suitable dust
But unware which dust is going to engulf them
I saw a mother walking with his little son
He was saying to his mother that am I now old enough?
I laughed in my heart at his wish and mine
My to become child again, and his to grow young
Is it really the world unaware or is it me?
But world is filled with every kind of example
And the amount of lessons to be learned are ample
But then why we keep repeating the same mistakes?
And turn out to be victims of the life brakes
Love of life blinds us from the real love
If filled with selfishness and forgetfulness of death
Really, earth is not a place to achieve absolute justice
But a grand stage of deceptions and injustice
That’s why I beleive we die to be held accountable
For what we did with this life in this world
That’s why the graveyard speaks a thoudsand words to me
As the ones in them have their life tougher than mine


  1. I am very grateful… you know what its always feels great when some unknown and beautiful heart wishes for you…..
    I also pray that not even this year but your whole life to be wonderful and peaceful….

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