When I meet the beautiful hearts
I complained the one inside me
Where you have lost your beauty?
A reply came to me
Deep in the world, amongst your desires
You betrayed your eyes
And lost your real sight
I used to beat requesting you
Don’t go too far behind them
Soon, they will blind you
And will make you deaf
I needed love
You gave me greed
For today you complain to me
You unveiled me before the world
And veiled me from remembering the God
I cried in the nights
When you used to dream
Dreaming the world and its lies
Go and ask the mirror
Where you used to beautifying yourself
But ruining mine
You exposed me to ugliness
And today expecting beauty from me
Go and complain to your worldly desires
For they are still ruining my beauty
They still won’t listen you
For they have in their genes, to deceive you
But there is always someone waiting for you
Your Lord, the most gracious and the most merciful
Only He is there to give my beauty back
You complained me, but for long time
I had a complain against you

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