The readers will find this style of writing very much different and unique. It’s something that I have myself innovated and formulated. In this style each one of the stanza is not related with each other, instead depicting their own meanings different from one another. So I have named it “DIFFERENT 7”. If you will like it, please try to comment about how you felt after reading them.


They value me back when I value them
Is there anyone who will value even my frivolousness?

Long time after, I am standing in front of mirror
Is it me, who is standing there? Or someone forgotten of himself

Words were on my lips, but without voice
When I got the voice, I forgot the words

I saw your face keeping my gaze down
Still you thought I ignored you
While you never knew that your respect is your face for me

They changed the meaning of love, and it changed them
When they changed themselves, love changed its meaning

For now on, I will walk without the heart
As I am afraid, you will steal it again

Searching your face in every faces I see
But I fail to find your heart in them


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