Don’t get despair from this world, it’s her habit
Nor she’s according to you, nor according to me
Underneath her are earthquakes, above in her sky are storms
Not she was ever peaceful, nor she would ever be

She has different meanings for different beings
Different hearts for her have different feelings
Unsymmetry, a feature deep embedded in her
A witness of a contrast between life and death

Home to billions of lives, but temporary
There is nothing limitless, but measured precisely
Some she destroys with her wealth, and some with poverty
At last everyone living, dies in her vicinity

You love or hate her, least matter to her
She has seen both the saints and tyrants, that came
Some praised her beauty, some cursed her calamity
Some came to make her, and some came to break

Still she rotates, still she revolves
Bringing days and nights, bringing summer and winter
Generation after generation, still carrying the freight
Freight of life and freight of death

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