You grew older and forget
The unconditional love of your mother
Never keeping upon you any dept
Never would you find this from another
Never think that you could repay
Even if you try untill hair would get grey
She has the most kindest heart for you
If there is anyone besides her, tell me who?
You don’t remember your infancy
That’s why you have took her service literally
She did not even gave her nights for your sleep
But even her part of body and blood for your upkeep
Still she sees a little child of her in you
For whom she still cares endlessly
Don’t let that time to come when you would rue
For she is the one to be beholden most preciously
After the utmost love for God and His messenger
If someone deserves after that the greatest love
She is your mother, always been your comfort seeker
From all the things she had in life, you have been the above
Her status is so high in this world
That even paradise lie beneath her feet
Make her place in your life to be pearled
Everyday when you would go out, don’t forget her to greet
Her prayers for you are from her heart
The heart which remembers you with every beat
Still existing of all kinds of love, her love is the state of art
It’s true, the paradise lies beneath her feet

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