These words can nowhere depict the real feeling of those women whose husbands were taken into custody amongst the conflict in Kashmir starting in the 1990s and they never returned home till this day. Now their wives are still in wait for their return and not sure whether they are alive or dead. So they are called now to be half-widows. So I have tried to write some words regarding them


Her Smile lost somewhere in the valleys
Left is her body, whose soul separated long ago

Some memories left in the heart, rest all happiness has vanished
Hands left for holding a photograph, and voiceless lips in front of the world

Tyrannical is this identity, the world has given her
Nothing left in her life, merely a long wait it has become

No care she has for herself when life itself snatched life from it
Her face used to be like a bud, but it’s bloom disappeared before it was summer

Got successive humiliation and reproach from the world
Now life merely an unknown journey, unknown of destination, unknown of justice

Her mind left in ambiguity and conflict
Whether to pray for his well being if alive, or pray for paradise if dead

What name she should give herself? Someone go and tell her
Someone tell her address of her life and where lies her decree

Death comes and take life for once and all
For what would take death from her life, which is already dead

Is this a paradise? Where poison flows in her rivers
The poison which took her happiness away, and left her with the eternal sadness

Her pain is felt by the sky, forgotten to rain her mercy
Now shed only the tears for the soil of her heart

Her long wait is an eternal winter of an unremembered woods
Whose birds have desert their song, waiting for the sun.

She now writes the letter to her name
To write the words, words of hope and faith

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